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Since ancient times, Okinawa has been exposed to various cultures by trading with other Asian countries. Okinawa has cherished the arts and culture that are unique to these beautiful subtropical islands by assimilating those of other Asian cultures with the ethos and cultural climate of Okinawa.
Arts and culture are the result of ancestors’ wisdom gathered over a long period of time. In order to make a spiritually affluent lifestyle for the people here, to create a vibrant society, and to build friendships with the rest of the world, it is essential that Okinawa Prefecture further develops its arts and culture into the future (excerpt from the preamble to the Okinawa Arts and Culture Promotion Ordinance).
In recognition of the above, and utilizing the Arts Council Okinawa project, we aim to implement the project to support the creation and sharing of Okinawan culture and arts in order to promote the continued development of artistic and cultural activities, using Okinawa’s rich and diverse culture.




Features and Roles of the Project
Designated by the Okinawa Prefectural Government, the project to establish an environment to support Okinawan arts and culture aids art- and culture-related organizations in Okinawa by providing financial support.


In consultation with an advisory board consisting of a group of experts in the field, the Okinawa Arts Council provides hands-on support through program officers. The advisory board evaluates and approves programs. Along with providing hands-on support and playing an advisory role for each program, program officers help establish various grant programs depending on each arts and culture activity.


平成5(1993)年度 財団法人沖縄県文化振興会設立

Okinawa Prefectural Foundation for Cultural Promotion established
平成23(2011)年度 公益財団法人沖縄県文化振興会へ名称変更。

Changed system to a public interest incorporated foundation: the Okinawa Prefectural Foundation for Cultural Promotion. Okinawa Prefectural Government underwent organizational reform and the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports was established.
平成24(2012)年度 文化振興の主要事業として、一括交付金を活用した「沖縄文化活性化・創造発信支援事業」が5ヵ年計画でスタート。

As part of the cultural promotion main project, using government subsidies, a five-year project to support cultural creation and promote Okinawan culture was started.
平成29(2017)年度 「沖縄文化芸術を支える環境形成推進事業」が活性化・創造発信支援事業の後継事業として開始され、令和3(2021)年度まで実施した。

The project to establish an environment to support Okinawan arts and culture was set up to replace the project to support cultural creation and promote Okinawan culture. The project was finished in 2021.
令和4(2022)年度 環境形成推進事業の後継事業として、「沖縄文化芸術の創造発信支援事業」が開始。令和8(2026)年度までの継続を予定している。